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5 Programming Languages You Should Learn Today!

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Not everyone out there can program but you should definitely learn, if only for job preservation. There are may different languages that you can learn both for web and software development. I believe it is worth learning a few of these. It will add a great sense of accomplishment to your life, you will be able to do much more on a computer and your skills will be worth a lot more on the market.

First off let us take a look at some "programming languages." Why is it in quotes? Probably because I don't want to have someone smiting me for referring to HTML as a language. HTML is technically not a programming language but rather a markup language, as is CSS. These languages are all about presentation and can't technically program. Despite this, I'm going to throw them into the mix as web languages.

Along with HTML and CSS on the web side of things there are many other languages and variations that you could potentially learn. There are syndication languages such as RSS and Atom, client-side scripting languages such as DOM, AJAX and JavaScript as well as server-side scripting languages such as ASP, Pearl, Python, Ruby and PHP. If I even started to delve into all the other languages we'd have quite a lengthy article on our hands. Instead, I'll stop there with the web languages. If you want to find out about more, a simple web search of "web languages" should bring up all the information you need.

When it comes to coding on the desktop side of things or even for mobile devices there are, once again, numerous languages to choose from. You have BASIC, Java, C/C++, C#, Python, Pearl and many others. It can be hard to know where to start. The remainder of the article will look at 5 of my favorites. I like the web side of things so know that there will be a little bias in the list

  1. PHP
    • PHP is open source
    • It is a server scripting language that works cross-platform and can be integrated into HTML
    • It is fast and widely used on the web
    • PHP developers are highly sought after and can earn fairly decent money!
  2. JavaScript
    • JavaScript is a client-side scripting language (Don't confuse with Java!)
    • You can give your web pages really cool features
    • Used to validate forms, create cookies, improve design
    • Simple to learn, widely used
  3. C/C++
    • You have probably heard of these two, they are the standardized languages of your computers.
    • General purpose
    • A lot of other languages are based off of C, including PHP
    • A crucial language if you want to be a developer
    • Audrino runs on C! You can build cool, real-world things!
    • Scripting languages are derived from C
    • Difficult as a first language
  4. Python
    • I like it and I don't know why!
    • Simple language
    • Open-source, utilizes automatic memory management (a big task in some other languages)
    • Minimalist, highly readable
    • Google uses it, a lot!
  5. Java
    • Well established
    • Object oriented
    • Android Development
    • Powerful with a moderate learning curve

Those are my top 5 to learn right now! If you feel that you're a good learner then you can probably just jump right in. Some of you might feel more comfortable learning a language like BASIC first though. If you were to go for one from the list I would recommend Python as a starting point. It is the easiest one up there to learn. Please remember though that you won't get it and be professional overnight, it will take time and dedication!

Let me know if you prefer other languages in a comment below.

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